You play as Little Man, the guy inside Big Man's head
Each round, issue commands to him at the control panel
Help Big Man defeat the baddies!

ASD: Move Little Man around his Small World
IJK: Inputs commands to active console
H: Remove most recent action in active console
Space/Enter: Submit your actions to Big Man

Each of the consoles controls a different part of Big Man.
The left console lets you control the direction Big Man is facing.
The middle console lets Big Man walk left or right.
And the right console lets you make Big Man attack!

Actions are executed in a fixed order (Facing -> Movement -> Attack) during each phase of a round.

This is a dev version of the game with work done outside of the LD38 jam. Please go here for jam version:


  • Multiple light attacks now introduce delay
  • Some icons changed
  • Lights added under monitors to help show you can still use them when staticy
  • Difficulty tweaked

The following tools/software was used to make Mind's Eye:

- LibGDX:
- Spine:
- BeepBox:
- Bfxr:
- Audacity:
- 1001 Fonts: